Are you looking for the perfect hair treatment to have full, strong and shiny hair? There are many options for you, which can bring beauty back to your hair. We have assembled a list of the most common treatments for brittle, weak hair and hair loss. Take a look at your options.


Hair problems are the result not of one small problem one of your body's parts, but a disrupted functioning of the entire body. It occurs because of a malfunction, disrupting the entire nutrition supply and hormonal impulse for hair beauty. The functionality can only be reestablished successfully if the system is fixed, with the root cause and all subsequent damage.

The holistic treatment principle was developed for that reason. It enables the body's own defense and repair forces to carry out their duty. Hair growth then comes naturally, together with an overall well-being. You will likely never see any hair problems again. The best part? It is natural and super simple. 


Living a healthy lifestyle can improve your hair conditions. Smoking, drinking and unhealthy food all pollute your body. If you start living healthy, you will feel a general improvement in your health, and many health problems will likely disappear.


Hair problems mostly disappear too with a healthy lifestyle. Hair loss, however, is more difficult to stop without some specialized care. Damage done to hair follicles can be irreversible without the help of some powerful treatment.  


If you suffer from hair loss, most physicians will recommend you to take a prescription drug for a while, the likes of Finasteride or Minoxidil. They will make your hair fall stop, and keep it that way as long as you continue to take the medicine. What doctors won't tell you is that those drugs come with a lifetime subscription if you want to keep your hair, because once you quit, your hair will fall out again. They also do not tell you about all the side-effects: Weight-gain, headaches, loss of sexual appetite and many more. And you will never have more hair than now. These drugs cannot regrow hair, all of them failed to demonstrate any hair growth potential in clinical trials. 


Specifically for hair loss, many doctors will advise you to have a hair implant. A surgeon will remove hair roots from the healthy part of your scalp and inject it in areas with little hair. This works well, but it does not solve the problem of subsequent hair loss.

Another recommendation by doctors are chemical scalp agents directly injected into the scalp, which are meant to stimulate growth by special peptides, the basic nutrition hair follicles feed on. This may work, but without a radical change in lifestyle it is also a lifetime subscription, with doctor visits every six month. 


Special remedies prepared by many cultures for centuries can help your hair. Such hair remedies include onion juice, bee wax treatments, Ayurveda herbal treatment, Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments and many more. These usually treat your scalp area directly, with varying degrees of success and different side effects. They can be used without any prescription and are the go-to solution for alternative medicine practitioners. A good initial step towards a better hair, they cannot replace a treatment aiming for the entire body. 

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