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Finley, 26

The results are truly surprising! Never thought any non-chemical treatment could bring any results. I noticed a rapid improvement after just four weeks, and by now I don't want to quit the Holistic Principle any more. Makes you feel generally super well, like lots of energy and power all day

Marc, 36

I was almost bold when I got this guide. Results were slow, like I had to wait 4 weeks, but very sustainable, I now have new hair at the back of my head and I can see small, new hair just breaking through at the front. I can look in the mirror again with confidence.

Francesca, 29

I had real issues with my hair a few month back, it was all the time greasy and felt like becoming thinner every day. The guide helped me to understand the problems I had, and I feel much better with my hair now. It has become fuller and shinier

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